August 2020–Part One

Thank you for joining me here!   (Reminder: the page numbers I list here reflect the number of Kindle pages, not paper pages.)  I hope you enjoy this series and I’d love to hear from you about what you are reading these days.

Book #1:

Rage Against the Minivan by Kristen Howerton (Length: 226 pages).   This is a combination of a memoir with essays on parenting. As a parent of two teenage girls, most of the essays are not relevant to my current parenting life, but I would have enjoyed reading these even five years ago. The author is a good writer, and I did identify with many of her parenting philosophies, so this book was enjoyable to read. If you are a parent of younger children (10 and younger), this would be a great read for you, or a new parent as a gift.


Book #2:

All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover (321 pages). I really enjoyed this romance novel. I had read that this was the favorite of many readers who enjoy Hoover’s books, so I was excited to finally read it. It is definitely a romance novel, but it’s not cheesy at all. The construction of the plot makes it a little more interesting as the author alternates the past and present in chapters, switching between the start of a romantic relationship and the demise of that same relationship years later. As the chapters progress, the reader sees how this happens at the same time the characters themselves are being developed. I really enjoyed this writing technique. I wasn’t crazy about the female protagonist as I found she was unbelievably dense and out of touch with the crux of the issues of the relationship, but overall I would definitely recommend this book. This would be fabulous to read on a raft, in a pool, with a fruity drink.


Book #3:

Where’d You Go Bernadette? by Maria Semple (335 pages). I’ve had this book on my Kindle FOREVER. I finally picked it up because I wanted a light, easy to read novel, and this fit the bill. I found the format to be interesting, as it is comprised of emails, report cards, letters, all of which tell the entire story of the mother, Bernadette, who leaves her husband and daughter. They journey to find her, and we join them for the ride. I’m not a fan of Bernadette at all, as a mother or a person, but I adored the character of Bee, her daughter. The resolution of the plot is excellent here. This is a fast, easy read, that isn’t too deep. But, sometimes, that’s just what we need!

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