April 2022–Part Three

Thank you for joining me here!   I hope you enjoy this series and I’d love to hear from you about what you are reading these days.

Book #1:

Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson (Length: 277 pages).  This novel has been on my TBR for ages as I keep hearing rave reviews. Spoiler–they’re correct! About a young woman who becomes a governess of sorts for her high school former best friend’s new stepchildren who self-combust when they become emotional. Since her friend is married to a U.S. Senator, Lillian’s friend Madison is very concerned about keeping the children, Bessie and Roland, a secret because her husband is being considered for Secretary of State. This novel is funny, quirky, sad, extremely well-written and a beautiful read, overall. This is such a sweetly odd book that you will always remember, and it’s lived up to its hype, in my opinion. (Apparently the audiobook is fantastic too, but my brain can’t absorb fiction books this way unfortunately). This is a great airplane/travel/beach read.

Book #2:

When the Reckoning Comes by LaTanya McQueen (Length: 256 pages).  Set primarily on an old plantation later turned tourist attraction/wedding venue, this thriller is about the antebellum South, past and modern-day. This novel features a propulsive plot, and while the writing is decent overall, there are a few continuity issues that bugged me–for example, the main character is called on the office landline because her cellphone number is private but then her cellphone rings from someone she hasn’t heard from in over a decade, and the author refers to actions that the character in question wouldn’t be seeing because they’ve already walked away. Anyway, the supernatural element makes this novel a fun ride, and while the modern-day parts aren’t scary, the references to slavery practices are gruesome (which is on purpose because we all should be horrified). I’d recommend if you’re looking for a quick reading thriller with a context that we haven’t really seen before in this genre. Two thumbs up, overall.

Book #3:

Born Standing Up by Steve Martin (Length: 228 pages).  I’m still square in the middle of my celebrity memoir audiobook phase as they are perfect for the commute–easy to pick up wherever I left off, and if it’s good writing, I enjoy learning about the author. This one is no exception as it’s fantastic! The audiobook is read by Steve Martin, and I adore his vibe–clever, quirky, humble and kind. I appreciated all of his insights, including his first job working at Disneyland (when it first opened!), his forays into stand-up comedy, Saturday Night Live and then working in movies in Hollywood. I absolutely recommend this memoir, in audiobook if that’s your jam.

Book #4:

Cazadora by Romina Garber (Length: 416 pages). This is the sequel to the YA fantasy book Lobizona that reviewed a few weeks ago here. I think it’s even better than the first one because it’s situated solely in the fantasy realm instead of starting in the real world of Miami. It’s very similar to Harry Potter again, with an Argentinian flavor. I love the message of acceptance regardless of who we are and who we love (which is ironically the opposite of what J.K. Rowling is preaching these days). The writing is strong, the character development is top-notch, and I really hope this author is working on book 3 as we speak, as I’ll definitely be reading it. Again, this is a perfect book for 7th graders up through adults. Please let me know if you check it out!

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