Getting Ready to Show Your Home

Once your home has been staged and photographed for sale, you’ve done the hard work of making it look picture-perfect.  But you can’t relax quite yet, as your home needs to be in show-worthy condition for all of the showings that are coming your way.  Here is a checklist you can use that will make it easy to get ready when you get the call:

1)      Light and Bright.  Turn all of the lights on in your home, and open all of the curtains and blinds on your windows.  Buyers love to see bright, well-lit homes, so this is an absolutely critical step.

2)      Curb Appeal.  Do a quick sweep of your front entryway, and turn on any water features you may have in your backyard, to show off your pool and/or spa.  This will help the buyer visualize how to enjoy these spaces in the future.

3)      Declutter.  Do a quick run-through of all of the rooms in your home to remove clutter from floors and countertops.  Buyers want to be able to envision themselves in the spaces in your home, so removing distractions of your personal items is the best way to facilitate this.  Keep a laundry basket handy before showings, to corral any clutter quickly and to stash in a closet.

4)      Deodorize. While perfumed air isn’t advised as it may cause potential buyers think you’re trying to mask odors, taking steps to remove odors as they occur is something to consider.  So if you cook meals with strong odors, take some time to burn a candle or open windows to let these odors dissipate before showings.

5)      Wipe Down.  Finally, do a quick wipe of your bathroom counters, toilets and mirrors (Windex wipes are fantastic for this), to make these areas sparkle before showings Again, the goal is to have buyers imagine living in your home, so keeping these personal areas sparkling clean will go a long way toward this goal.

I can give you more tips specific to your own home, but this checklist is a good starting point to get ready for showings in general.

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